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Sketch is a source of artwork. These skeches on the basis of painting pictures.

*About Chihiro's sketching
*About Chihiro's under water sketching

*About Chihiro's sketching. / How to sketch?
When I sketch during a traveling for artworks, I use these notebooks and only a ballpoint pen.
Usually I don't use camera, only sketching as my artwork's materials.
I call my sketch books is'' My diary sketchbook''.

This sketch is the landscape of sugar cane plantation at Okinawa,Japan.

Chihiro's sketch is a monochrome, but the atmospheric , wind and color of the place where I sketched engrave in my heart.
The reason why simple coloring with a short time hinder an improve my image for my artwork.

As a sketch, I pick up where is only I have my emotions stirred.
''Chihiro's diary sketchbook'' is not only sketching but also write down in my diary sketchbook. I write down a data collection and my feelings when I sketching. This way helps me when I try to paint artworks.

The wind call the season/季節を呼ぶ風 160×240(o)
The sketch of the right is the malayan banyan in Okinawa, Japan.

Even if you see a same place everyday, you feel that the place is different everyday as the atmosphere. I am important this feeling. So that I sketching with my diary and a data collection.

Whatever the reason a sketch is only material for my artworks.
It is an important if I can recall these situation at that time after I come back to studio.

The wonderland / 妖精たちの国 160×240(o)
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*About Chihiro's under water sketching. / What is the under water sketching?
When I sketch under the sea, I use some paper of waterproof and a pencil.

How to sketch under the water, I sketch the same method as I do the ground one. But under water sketch is one of the different on the ground one. I can sketch the frond and the back of me then the surface and the bottom of the sea. That is why I feel like to be in the air. The feeling is an important for me.

The life of the sea move quickly so much we cannot sketch, but don't matter you cannot catch up with them. It's enough that you feel their movement. You don't care that your sketch only one line. The reason why the movement of a creature is more important than shape. Sometimes when if you need a shape of creature, you need to be a longtime in the water.

After a diving, in the water cannot make us to move like on the ground, so that I copy a sketch from under water sketch and and write with my diary.


The tridacnidae under the sea in Okinawa, Japan.
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★ 自然と人とが共存する世界「画家:近藤ちひろ」 ★
「Japanese Artist * Chihiro Kondo」

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