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Rainbow and folk songs in the island 海の島の虹とシマ唄
If there isn't the sea, there isn't an island.
There is the sea that reason there is an island.
What does link together an island and an island?
That it the sea.
Therefore the people who live the island say, the island is
''The sea's island''

The island is blessed with the sun and water, so they can see a lot of the rainbow.
A long time ago, the people fear the rainbow.
It's because they believed
''A dragon or a big snake comes and drinks water from heaven.''
At present, the people comprehend that the rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon.

A beautiful seven colors bridge remainds us something of ancient times.

Island's folk songs become waves then take us the important mind what we don't forget it.
The sounds and the mind are heard far away... an endless
''sea's islands'' in the world.


*Original kakejiku: Original hanging scroll/ オリジナル掛軸
*Painting on a Japanese paper(washi) or panel / パネル&和紙作品
*Ceramic:The candle(aroma) pot or the flower vase / 陶器(アロマ)ポット、花器

*Original kakejiku: Original hanging scroll /オリジナル掛軸  
 【Song of the tree in the paradaise/ 楽園の樹の唄 
   Size:All:approximately 250p×60p (2scrolls are one work /2幅1対の対幅.)
The materials and tools are acrylic,Japanese painting and pen on eginu (silk used for traditional Japanese painting.,but at present it is not hardly used.).
I used the fabric that is a folk costume of Myanmar (lungi) for the original kakejiku.


Description of these pictures
above to the left:
The whole body of the kakejiku.
above to the right:
Only artwork without the fabric.
The left and right:
These are nlarge the part of original kakejiku.

右上:掛軸部分を除いた 絵のみ
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*Painting on a Japanese paper(washi) or panel / パネル&和紙作品
The rainbow's island / 虹の島 727×910(o)
Legend of the rainbow / 虹の伝説 727×910(o)
About the artwork''The raibow's island''
A rainbow has a story that a bridge of the seven colors or there is a treasure at the rainbow's feet.
This artwork is meant to create an impression of the rainbow link together everything.


←A part of a crop where we can't eat what used to a material for the Japanese paper (washi) . A stem and a leaf are recycled and become washi.
I made Japanese paper (washi) with a sieve what shape is a circle, so that this washi was circle.

Rainbow forest / 虹の森
Diameter 185(o) / 直径 185(o)
Tin-nagi 333×220(o)
The rainbow night / 夜の虹 160×120(o) Cherry blossom viewing/花見135×150(o) Shida-gami / シダ神 160×120(o)
Tree period / 樹の刻 240×315(o) Divine tree / 神樹 240×315(o) Cildren's dream at the ashore /
はまさきの夢 160×120(o)
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*Ceramic:The candle(aroma) pot or the flower vase / 陶器(アロマ)ポット、花器

These ceramic works are made the base of work by a ceramist, then I design and gave a Chihiro's style arrangement. These are collaboration between the ceramist and Chihiro Kondo.

Large:The candle or aroma pot  Diameter:15p 
Middle(2 artworks):
     The candle or aroma pot Diameter:11p  
Small:The vase  Diameter:6p 

大:キャンドルorアロマポット 直径15p 
中(2作品):キャンドルorアロマポット 直径11p  
小:花器  直径6p 
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