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Yaoyorozu no mangekyo / Myriad kaleidoscope 727×910(o)
Legend of the rainbow / 虹の伝説 727×910(o)
The right picture:

This picture trimed off the artwork ''Legend of the rainbow''
(above to the right).

The picture was designed from my artwork ''Legend of the rainbow'' and it was used a direct-mailand a poster for the solo exhibition.


At the full of the moon/ 和合立者
Japanese dragon lore comes from a mythological animal of Chinese origin in which is mysterious being.

Dragon head that of a camel, his eyes those of a rabbit, his antlers those of a deer, neck that of a snake, his belly that of a clam, his scales those of a carp, his claws those of an eagle. his soles those of a tiger, his ears those of a cow.

According to most sources, the dragon of China and Japan resemble each other.But there are some difference for example, Chinese dragon has five claws but Japanese one has only three. And Chinese dragon has a gem but Japanese one not, and so on.

But actually there are various stories and the same as well there are various dragons pictures in Japan.

Dragon lore is traditionally associated with Buddhist temples and as well as Shinto shrines.

Dragon god faith is a form of Shinto religious belief that worships dragons as water god. Dragons in my art mean like that.

The universe globe of paradise /



Dragon bring spring 

←This artwork participated Twitter art exhibit in Norway 2011.

This artwork participated Twitter art exhibit in Norway 2012.→

Meteor / 流星 

Long time ago at one Japanese island where lived the people fear the rainbow. Because they believed that a rainbow is a dragon or a big snake comes and drinks water from heaven.


Dragons and water / 龍に水 
F3 (273×220(o)

The cajon(a musical instrument)
I painted a musical instrument,a cajon. If you want to know more information about this painted cajon, please go to the site,here.

At this artwork, my imagination of the japanese folklore, harvest moon and imaginary animals, the dragon and phoenix.

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